hey guys go check out the background info under adventure log and on the wiki page

for a quick, but detailed look at the alternity rules check out the Alternity Basics page. Don’t worry we’ll go over it all at the game if you don’t feel up to reading it.

Also check out your characters under the character tab, the character stats are up for most of you, as well as a temporary picture – feel free to edit the background information and bio to suit your own ideas, but please do not change the stats at this time.

This game is going to be starting back up soon, and changing significantly – we’ll be switching to GURPS 4th edition as I really like the system. Don’t worry I will be re-doing all the characters. The player lineup may change, and since I will be using a system I am pretty familiar with and which is, overall quite simple, we will skip the “intro game” and get right into the nitty gritty. For more info on GURPS go to the GURPS Basics page.

Expanding Horizons

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