Tag: History


  • First explorers reach the Verge

    During 2314 the first explorers reached the [[Verge]]. A group of explorers from the [[Starmech]] Collective reached [[Tendril]], the closest system in the [[Verge]] to old space. Exploration was slow at first, but the pace quickly increased.

  • Kendai Drivesat Relay Destroyed

    The [[Drivesat Relay]] at Kendai station is destroyed as fighting escalates in Galactic War Two. This vital link in the chain of [[Drivesat Relay]]s connecting the [[Stellar Ring]] with the [[Verge]] causes an almost complete loss of communications …

  • The Second Galactic War Ends

    The second galactic war comes to an end as the Treaty of Concord is signed, creating the Galactic [[Concord]] a Stellar Nation created from whole cloth, given powers of oversight over all other nations, with an elected council, staffed by members from …

  • Kendai Drivesat Relay Reconstructed

    The Kendai [[Drivesat Relay]] is restored, reopening communication with the [[Verge]]. The relay actually went online on November 4th, but due to the distance involved, it took 6 days to receive the first message from the Verge confirming contact. This …