Draft of Katie's Character

Hard bitten Concord Marine

Human (Galactic Concord) Combat Spec

STR 13
DEX 12*
CON 12
INT 10

*Dexterity resistance modifier is increased by +1 due to Concord background

Action Check: 15+/14/7/3   Actions per round: 2

Last Resort Points: 0   LRP Cost: n/a

Sprint: 24   Run: 16   Walk: 6   Easy Swim: 3   Swim: 6   Glide: 24   Fly: 48


   Stun: 12   Wound: 12   Mortal: 6   Fatigue: 6

   Armor Operation
      Powered Armor 1
   Melee Weapons
      Defensive Martial Arts 1
   Vehicle Operation
   Modern Ranged Weapons*
      Pistol 1
      Rifle 2
      First Aid 1
      Computer Operation 1
      Infantry Tactics 2
      Physical Resolve 2

* Modern Ranged Weapons and all related Specialty skills get a -1 bonus from Combat Spec class feature

A Marine NCO who has seen plenty of combat throughout known space was assigned along with Erika’s character to the Horizon, ostensibly as protection and something of a bodyguard for the administrator, as well as muscle when things get tough out on the frontier

A relatively recent recruit into the Marines, she had requested and been granted frontline combat duty in the Hammer’s Star system, winding up assigned to a squad in the first platoon of one of the many companies stationed there, quickly achieving the rank of Corporal and becoming assistant squad leader. During a recent battle against the klicks, she was leading her fire team in a vital mission when her squad leader’s fire team came under heavy attack. Ordered by the platoon leader, a relatively inexperienced young lieutenant to retreat, which would leave the 4 members of her squad leader’s fire team exposed and certain to die, she disobeyed orders, managed to rescue every member of the squad and revealed that the strong attack was merely a bluff and turned the tide of battle.

Incensed by the insubordination of the corporal, and embarrassed at being shown up by a “mere” enlisted soldier, the Lieutenant was going to press charges, but the Platoon sergeant reported on her actions and how they turned the tide, so rather than being brought up on charges, she was instead awarded a medal of valor, and promoted two grades. Expecting to be reassigned as squad leader in one of the many open slots in the combat units in the system, she was shocked that due to the political influence of her disgraced platoon leader she was pulled from active combat duty and reassigned to be the personal bodyguard of a concord administrator on board an exploratory ship headed out into the middle of nowhere.

Draft of Katie's Character

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